Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wow, how time flies. Has it really been a month? Sophie is starting to smile a lot these days. It makes Isabel very happy when she can get her to smile. Sophie is sleeping better, but there is definitely room for improvement. Her umbilical cord finally fell off after 4 long weeks. The girls love to help bath her but make a big wet mess in the process. It is amazing to me how much the girls love their little sister.


Kya turned 2 in July and what a handful she is. She is a lot of fun but is definitely into the terrible twos. She loves to copy cat everything Isabel does. She acts like a little mother to Sophie. Everytime Sophie even fusses a little Kya is on a dead run for the binki and will try to shove it down poor Sophie's throat. She is constantly wanting to kiss Sophie and then the next moment she will be pulling her hair. Needless to say I cannot take my eyes off of her.