Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Sleepful Night

Yes another night of a full 8 hours of sleep. She did it again. She slept for a full 8 hours without waking up. There is a down side to this. It is only because she is sucking her thumb! YIKES!!!

I thought I would include some pictures of her room. I think it has turned out quite cute.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Do I love it or hate it? When I look at Isabel's overbite I hate thumbsucking. But last night Sophie slept through the night. When I woke up at 7am and she was still sleeping. I peered into her crib and she was sucking her thumb. I was happy and sad all at the same time. I have kept a binki in her mouth since the second she was born hoping that she would take to it instead of her thumb. Maybe it was all in vain. She has been sucking on her hands a lot lately, I guess she has been in search of something better than her binki.

When Isabel was a baby she was very colicy. She would cry all day long. I tried everything, but nothing would calm her. My Aunt Pat told me her best babies were thumbsuckers. So I gave Isabel her thumb. I kept putting her thumb in her mouth until she could do it herself. She slept through the night at 6 weeks. It was the only thing that kept me sane. Well now 6 years later I have a dental nightmare on my hands. On our last trip to the dentist he told me he has only seen one overbite worse that Isabel's caused from thumbsucking. He said on a scale from 1 to 10, her's is a 10. And not a good 10.

If anyone has any good tips on getting someone to stop sucking their thumb I would love to hear about it. I have tried everything. The problem is she only sucks it at night. Not even to get to sleep. Only in the middle of the night when she is asleep. My pediatrician said that peir pressure is the best way to get a child to stop, but I am sure she is not getting much pressure from her pillow or stuffed animals to do any good.

Anyway on a good note I got a full night's sleep. Thank you Sophie! I guess I will just have to keep good dental or should I say orthodontic insurance!!!

What a cutie!!!

She loves bath time.

I love to smile :)

Look at me I'm a big girl!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


We saw Dr. Smith (a very nice doctor) at Primary Children's Hospital. He wants Isabel to have an MRI of her entire spine. He thinks she may have a Chiari malformation. It is as scary as it sounds. If she does in deed have this Chiari malformation. She will have to see a neurosurgeon and the likelyhood of her having surgery is high. If she does not have the malformation we will be looking at a brace (that will be worn 16-17 hours a day). She still has a lot of growing to do since she is only 6 and that means the curve in her spine can get worse as she grows. This doctor told us the curve is actually 37%. It was a good thing Ben and Isabel were in the doctor's office when we got this news. Because I was holding back the tears. I didn't wasnt Isabel to see me cry. The thought of my daughter having to have brain surgery is a little overwhelming. Ben told me not to get worried until after we get the MRI results and know exactly what we are dealing with. And this is what I am TRYING to do. I am hoping to get the MRI and the results within the next week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


What a cutie! She loves to pose and have her picture taken. I bet you couldn't tell from this picture, HUH? I have been busy on my maternity leave. I am now caught up on having the girls pictures taken. What a relief. Another item to cross off of my never ending list. I keep a dry erase board on my fridge. I write all my to do's on this board. For every item I cross off I add five more. It can be overwhelming, but it keeps me busy and productive. Anyway back to Isabel. She is learning to read and getting better everyday. She loves to read and especially write. Every scrap of paper is filled with her writings. Sometimes she will ask me how to spell words, but mostly she likes to sound spell. It is fun to try and read something she has written. It is kind of a puzzle. She is very SASSY!!! I don't know how I am going to manage with the hormones of three girls. Hopefully I will keep my sanity. When I took Isabel in for her 6 year old check up she was diagnosed with scoliosis. CRAZY!!!!! She has a 26% curvature of her t-spine. I am taking her to Primary Children's Hospital this week. I am hoping for the best. I don't really know what this means except what I have read online and let's face it when you read about a medical condition online you get a lot of the extremes: surgery, body braces, etc. Both the radiologist and the pediatrician didn't seen too worried so I haven't been either. Just anxious to see what this really means for her.


I just wrote a very long post and it vanished! What the @#%&! I guess I will try again later. I can hear Kya upstairs bothering a sleeping Sophie.