Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simply Amazed!!!!

I came home from work yesterday exhausted. Sophie has kept me up the last two nights. She is fine during the day, but wakes up SCREAMING in the middle of the night. I knew I would have to take her to the after hours clinic to have her ears checked.

When I walked in the house Ben and the girls were sitting down eating dinner. Ben had made steaks, potatoes and corn. This isn't too unusual. He does cook a good dinner on the nights I work. But there is more. There is a counter full of cupcakes. The girls told me that daddy helped them make them. They were unfrosted, because he said he wasn't sure how to make frosting. Easy enough, I can make frosting. Then Ben asks me if I would like him to fix me a plate of food. Besides all of this the house was picked up and the dishes were done. He had also done laundry and went to the grocery store earlier. WOW!!!!

But there is more.

I had to leave to take Sophie to the doctor. They told me she had a severe infection in her right ear. This sucks because it was the result of her last sickness: fever, throwing up, runny nose. Poor little girl. All of this in just a matter of weeks. Anyway when I get home, the dinner dishes were done, the girls had been bathed, cupcakes frosted, Isabel's homework done, and the girls were in bed asleep. I just have to brag a little bit at how amazing he is. Who would have ever thought Ben had this in him. Well he definitely had me fooled. I am so completely amazed at how well he does all of this. It means more to me than he knows. I am so lucky that our role reversal has been so uncomplicated. I guess you don't know what hidden talents you have until you give new things a try. Ben could definitely win the homemaker of the year award. I am very lucky to have such a great husband. I love him alot!!!

Sorry for just a mushy, sappy post. But Ben deserves the recognition! Don't you think?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grandma Cleo

Cleo U. Corrales

Loving wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, Cleo U. Corrales, 88, of Provo, Utah, passed away peacefully with her family by her side on January 20, 2009 at UVRMC in Provo. Cleo was born November 26, 1920 in Rosa, New Mexico to Carlos Ulibarri and Brigida Salazar. She married Jose Cayetano Corrales on September 20, 1941 in Aztec, New Mexico. She attended school at Middle Mesa in New Mexico. She was an excellent homemaker to her family and friends she loved dearly. She was a long time member of the St. Francis Catholic church where she was a member of Guadalupana Society and Women's League. She also worked in school lunch at St. Francis. Cleo had countless friends, was very well known and couldn't go anywhere without running into someone she knew. She loved her trips to Wendover and was always ready to go.

She is survived by her children Ben (Marcia) Corrales, Fred J. Corrales and Mary (Juan) Ruiz, 7 grandchildren, 13 great grand children; sisters, Cordelia Gurule, Dora Rivera and Tita Avina and a brother Johnny Salazar. She was preceded in death by her loving husband, 3 children, 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

Mass will be held Monday, January 26 at 11:00 AM at St. Francis of Assisi Church, 65 East 500 North in Orem. A viewing will be held one hour prior and on Sunday, January 25 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM at the same location. Interment at Provo City Cemetery. Online condolences may be given at

Special thanks to Dr. Militaru at UVRMC and Dave the "Gentle Giant".

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sophie Update

It has been a while since I have posted updated pictures of my little angel. And I mean angel literally. She has changed a lot, except for the fact that she is still the best baby ever. She has been sick with a fever and throwing up this weekend and yet she is still happy. We love her a lot.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Do your kids ever say things that completely freak you out? Well one night Ben was gone and it was just me and the girls home. Isabel was in time out in her bedroom with the door shut, I was in Sophie's room feeding her a bottle and Kya was in the toy room (in the basement next to her and Isabel's room) playing. Kya came upstairs crying uncontrollably. This was our conversation:

Me: Kya, what is wrong?

Kya: That boy downstairs bit my finger.

Me: WHAT????

Kya: That mean boy downstairs bit my finger.

Okay at this point I am freaking out. I am a scaredy cat. After watching the movie THE STRANGERS, I slept with the lights on for a month. Honestly, you can ask Ben. I am a freak.

Me: Kya what are you talking about? Did Isabel hurt you?

Kya: No mom it was that mean boy.

Me: Okay show me where the mean boy is.

At this point I am trying to remember how to defend myself in case there is a scary little boy in the basement who likes to bite fingers. If you believe it, I was once a black belt in karate. But that seems like a lifetime ago. I figured I could at least incapacitate an attacker long enough to get me and the girls out of the house.

We went to the basement and Kya is cowarding behind me. I look around the toy room and the only thing frightening in the room is the huge mess the girls made. When I asked Kya to show me where the boy was she walked over to the toy box and pointed to SHREK!!! Yes Shrek was the mean boy. It is a stuffed animal that is taller than Kya. She was terrified.

For now Shrek is put up. But Isabel will find him from time to time just to scare the pants off of Kya. And it does. Every time she sees him she lets out a horrified scream and starts crying. It is so sad.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have been neglecting a few things in my life the last two weeks due to a severe addiction. The one thing that has suffered the most would be my sleeping, or lack there of. Many nights I would not go to bed until 4 or 5 in the morning. I am a closet addict. I went to great lengths to not let Ben know the extent of my addiction. So I would carry on life as usual during the day, but at night it was all about this new secret devotion of mine. I have my sister Tiffany to thank for the introduction of the extreme addiction. Most of you have posted things about Christmas and New Years, but not me. I have been completely preoccupied. I have been consuming large amounts of caffeine to keep me going during the day, which has led to a two day migraine.


Are you wondering what has been my obsession?

What could possible keep me up at nights?

What on earth could possible be this addictive?
Yes, it was the Twilight series. An impossible love story. Who doesn't love a good romance. Especially if you throw in a few vampires and werewolves.
I read all four books in the last two weeks and I am completely obsessed and very tired. I just finished reading Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's perspective). Have you read it? It is awesome. But it is only partial and only online. I hope she finishes it. I liked hearing Edward's side of things.
While obsessing over these books, I have often thought about a line Edward uses in the book. He says that Bella is his "own personal brand of heroine", he just can't stay away from her. I know what he means.
After finishing the first book, I had to go see the movie. I was so excited. I loved it and was slightly annoyed. Edward was not very nice to Bella in the movie. What was up with that? But I loved it anyway. I can't wait for the next movie. I will be one of the first to see it in the Midnight showing. I am not even sure when it will come out. So for any of you that are Twilight fans. Call me and we can go see the next one together.
Now if I could only get caught up on my sleep.